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 How could something so beautiful and cherished as children cause so much angst, pain and frustration. Foster, biological, step or adoptive, all  parents are initiated into a complex world of emotion that is inexplicable and occasionally unbearable. It forces a deeper exploration of one's past and its impact on the future. 

     The best thing one can do for their children is to work on themselves. Parents and caregivers must explore their shadows so as not to pass it on unconsciously to their children. Parents owe it to their children and the generations that follow to take responsibility for their own repressed, unpleasant and unlived aspects.

     Pressure, anxiety, worry and disappointment are felt by all parents. But to whom do these feelings belong? 
     It is easier to project negative feelings and discomfort onto one's children then to address it in oneself.

     I work with parents to help them sort out what belongs to them and not to their children. This means that parenting has less anxiety and disconnection. Children are clear mirrors and when a parent doesn't like what they see, it's time to look at themselves.



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