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     It doesn’t matter the configuration gay or straight, parent-child, boss-employee, there are aspects of a dyad that baffle the mind... no pun intended. Love relationships in particular stump us all, over and over again. “How could I have chosen her?” “I must have been crazy to fall for him,” “Oh my God, I married my mother!”

     Well, yes you were a bit ga-ga. Yes, you may have married your mother or father... or more than likely, aspects of both.

     To some extent when we “partner-up” or choose a mate, we are partly unconscious.  This is not the end, but an opportunity for growth both individually and within your partnership. We are all searching for something in someone.  Everyone will tell you that good communication is the key to a successful partnership. As important as communication skills is knowing what you need and how to ask for it. Developing the tools to grow past your own woundedness in order give your partner what they need is essential. This can be tough and challenging work, but the benefits are life changing. 


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