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Anxiety, Depression and Stress


      Anxiety often keeps you up at night... wondering.  It keeps you preoccupied, worried and distracted during the day. It steals your precious moments in the now. What do you do about it?  Perhaps you are trying to manage by self-medicating with drugs and alcohol or acting out with obsessive/compulsive type behaviors. Maybe you are shaming yourself about being trapped in the powerlessness of it all.   Find some relief, talk to someone who can help you ease your mind so you can begin to untangle what may be at the root of your struggling.


     Life is stressful, no doubt. How you handle the stress is what is important. Do you hold it inside? Or does your stress leak out onto others like friends, partners or family members? Often times, built up stress can cause major obstacles in life. If left unattended, stress can lead to physical ailments and psychological and emotional suffering. 


     If life is especially challenging, pay attention to the clues your body gives like tight or stiff neck, sore shoulders, headaches, stomach issues and fatigue. The body remembers and let’s you know when enough is enough.


     Anxiety, depression and substance abuse are other ways the body and psyche try to say, “Time Out.” Take it easy and get in balance. 




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