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     You may be codependent if someone else's problems are your problems and if you've lost sight of your life and goals for the sake of taking care of someone else's drama. If taking care of others and overly sharing in or accepting responsibility for someone else's pain instead of your own sounds familiar, you may already be familiar with Melody Beattie. In her numerous books on the topic, Beattie explains that in order to relieve oneself from the burdens of Codependency, one must become willing to take responsibility for one’s own joy and pain. In order to break the cycle, firm boundaries and self-care are necessary for each and all codependents. Codependency can be part of an addictive system or a person's way of adapting in order to get their own needs met or maintain some level of self-esteem. Start taking responsibility for your self by working through your own issues. Stop tiptoeing around.


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