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     Why is this happening? When will life return to normal? What will it look like?

      So many unanswered questions can lead to anxiety and fear. This pandemic and the limits placed on our daily lives transcend the awareness and comprehension of ordinary ego-consciousness. The fallout can manifest in many ways such as anxiety, depression and hopelessness. These can look like look like disorientation, overly controlling behavior, excessive worry, sleeplessness and irritability  No one can avoid this pandemic's impact and the existential dilemma and grief it presents.

     During this time practice mindfulness. There is no benefit to spending time in a future that you cannot see or even worse, are somehow convinced will be devastating. You need your resources now. Keep up your contemplative practice. If you don't have one, this is the time to start. Stop what you are doing and sit for a moment or two. Start with a few minutes of quiet. You will be amazed at your "monkey mind" and how out of control it seems. If you can spend 5 minutes each day in a chair or on the floor and be with yourself in the moment, it can be very healing. There are countless mindfulness resources online for you to research. find one that suits you,  one you will be able to maintain.

     Exercise. Keep mind and body working together for well-being.

     Keep consistency. So, maintain as much of a routine as you can. If you work from home, get dressed, not just from the waist up.

     Watch your dreams. Even better, write them down if you can. The unconscious can provide guidance in navigating these choppy waters.

     If you find yourself curious and drawn to them. I would be happy to hear them and we can work together to find meaning and guidance through them.

      If you need support, please reach out.

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