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Getting Started



 Life takes us by surprise on a daily basis. No one can anticipate the difficulties they may face in their lifetime.  Events and circumstances can result in feelings that aren’t always easily understood and that are frequently uncomfortable. People can feel lost during these trying times resulting in feeling detached and scared.


     Are you feeling like life is too much of a struggle or that your relationship shouldn’t have to be so much work?  Perhaps you’ve lost a loved one and just can’t make sense of it.  Maybe you’ve been feeling disconnected from friends and family.  Are you hiding and caught in unhealthy patterns like alcohol or drug abuse?


     You are not alone.  It is often while trying to get everything straight in our heads that we get even more confused. 


     Life today is complex and navigating it is tricky.  Living freely in and out of relationships is a challenge. For many, it is a life’s work.  For others, this is not the case.  My hope for you is that you may learn to live at peace with yourself and others.


     Of course, this is not easily done. It takes work, diligence and the desire and courage to change.


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